Top 4 Funniest Cruise Ship Skits & Shows

So I was searching You Tube yesterday for videos of the Mariner of the Seas for my upcoming cruise and somehow I came across a comedy skit by NCL, Fountains. Now if you have cruised NCL before than you know exactly what this is and it is probably the most creative and funniest skit I have ever seen performed on a cruise ship. Don’t worry you will see it later in this post for those who have not seen it or those who want to see it again. Anyway, I decided to continue searching for funny cruise ships skits and shows to compile my very first, Top 4 Cruise Ship Shows & Skits list. So here we go, I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

#4 “Wedding Proposal” by Isaac on Royal Caribbean

A funny proposal on board Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas.



courtesy of ‘s channel.

#3 “Suction Toilets” by John Heald on Carnival Cruises

John Heald tells us about a past guests experience with one of the “suction” toilets.


courtesy of mreaglewon‘s channel.

#2 “Bedtime Story” by John Heald on Carnival Cruises

John Heald’s classic bedtime story from 2001 on board the Carnival Triumph.



courtesy of ‘s channel.

#1 “Fountains” by Norwegian Cruise Line

A very creative and funny skit by Norwegian involving……water.



courtesy of ChrisDellamorte‘s channel.


Well I hoped you enjoyed these little videos and if you know of another funny video that you think should be included, leave a link in the comments section below, and maybe I will consider adding it into this list. Have a great Wednesday everyone!


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