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I am sitting here writing this at 11:17 pm, June 4, so technically I should say good evening, but most likely you will read this in the morning, so I will say good morning! I was sitting around last night thinking about our new blog here, and how it might turn out, and I realized…this blog is going to get really off topic. The blog may not always be about Adventure Voyages, but we will try to at least stay on the topic of cruising. I was reading some of my followers tweets and I read a couple of articles about cruise line, and now I will share my thoughts on those articles. So let’s begin! First, I was reading an article where a couple is suing Carnival Cruise Lines, because while visiting St. Thomas their daughter was killed in the midst of a shoot out between 2 gangs, and they are claiming that Carnival is responsible for her death, because they did not mention that their was increased violence, and they claim that a crew member convinced them to go to a remote beach. Now, as sad as this is, I am confused why this is Carnival’s fault. I have cruised on Carnival before and they always stressed the importance of safety ashore. I am also wondering if this crew member was a credible person. It could have very easily been a photographer they talked to who convinced them to go there, but if it was an excursion purser, then I’m sure they would have mentioned something. I’m not sure how this trial will end, but tell me what you think in the comment section. I also noticed a story where a few groups from Charleston, SC are now suing Carnival (not again :() for expanding their port. I don’t get this at all, apparently these groups are upset about the increase in tourists coming to Charleston. I mean you’ve got to be kidding me, I live in Cleveland, if we could get  cruise ship up here we would be begging Carnival to expand our port, we could really use the tourism. These people don’t realize what they have, and I hope that Carnival wins the lawsuit, and they leave Charleston for having to put up with these people. Well that’s all for now, I am finished with my ranting for tonight. Really quick I just want to let you know, if you don’t like my blog, there is another blog similar to mine called, The Ocean Escape, by Cruise Man 3000 (Shon), who knows everything about cruising, and a huge friend on Twitter. It is worth checking out. I will post the link below. Have a great night/day everyone!


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