Stranded Fisherman Sues Princess Cruises

Remember when the Star Princess ignored a small fishing boat’s distress call, resulting in 2 deaths? Well, now the remaining survivor,  Adrian Vasquez, is suing Princess Cruises.

Cruise Ship Star Princess

Star Princess (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vasquez, who was aboard the boat 50 Cents when the Star Princess passed by them, filed the negligence suit in a court in Miami, Fl last week claiming that…

“had clear knowledge that people were stranded in an open boat hundreds of miles from shore in the Pacific Ocean and desperately calling for their help…they consciously ignored the emergency situation and did not deviate from their cruise.”

The suit also says that the Star Princess’s crew was…

 “outrageous and, under the circumstances, so beyond all bounds of decency as to be regarded as shocking, atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community.”

Vasquez was with 2 other fishermen, who later perished of sunburn, dehydration, and depression.

According to Princess Cruises, they are still investigating this incident.

As of right now, there is no court date set or any more information on this court case, so in the meantime I will be watching for any developments with this story. Stay tuned.

Header image: Wikipedia



Mike Faust

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