South Carolina Supreme Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Cruise Operations

On Wednesday, the South Carolina Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit filed by a number of environmental and local groups seeking to block cruise operations in the city of Charleston, South Carolina.

The lawsuit, which has been moving its way through local courts until these past few months, claims the cruise industry in Charleston has become unregulated, subjecting citizens of the city to air, noise, and traffic pollution. In addition to blocking cruise operations in the city, the lawsuit also attempted to stop the construction of a new cruise terminal for the city.

The court claims the decision came based upon the fact that the environmental and local groups complaints were not specifically suffered by them as individuals. The court stated that any effects of the cruise industry in Charleston would affect all residents, and must be dealt with through the legislative and executives branches of the city government. The court also stated the groups had no legal standing to bring the case before the court.

Earlier last year, attorney for the State Ports Authority argued the disruption of cruise operations in Charleston would be devastating for the local economy and the tourism industry of the city.

The effort to block the new cruise terminal, however, is still an ongoing legal battle. Next week, a court will rule on the legality of a 2012 pilings permit approved for the new terminal by the Department of Health and Environmental Control.



Mike Faust

Mike Faust is an avid world traveler, often found traversing city streets in Asia and Europe rather than his home city of Boca Raton. Mike has touched down in 39 countries, set sail on 35 cruises, and flown over 400,000 lifetime miles.