Seabourn Odyssey Rescues Stranded Sailors

Rescue crews approaching the stranded sailors.

The Oddysey then deployed it’s small rescue craft to meet the other boat and then brought the stranded sailors on board. They were then examined by the ship’s doctor and were declared to be in good health with the exception of some minor dehydration and some burns from the sun.

The stranded sailors later said that they had been stranded nearly 3 weeks after their fishing boat ran out of fuel and began to aimlessly drift further into the Pacific Ocean. They survived on only the fish they caught and some bottled water. The ship then contacted their employer to deliver the good news that the 3 of them had survived. The passengers were kept updated throughout the entire situation and were so moved by their story that the passengers collected $2,400 for the sailors, so that they could purchase a new boat.

All 3 of the sailors returned home to Western Samoa safe and sound.


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Mike Faust

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