Royal Princess: Changing of the Flags (Video)

Earlier this weekend, the Royal Princess was officially handed over from Fincantieri to Princess Cruises through the traditional lowering and raising of the flags. The ceremony consisted of the the Fincantieri and Italian flags being lowered from the radar mast, and the flags for Princess Cruises and Bermuda being raised to signify the official transfer of the ship to Princess.

The Fincantieri and Italian flags remained on the mast during the construction of the Royal Princess to signify her current owner and the nation where she was being built in. Likewise, the Princess Cruises and Bermudian flag signify the new owner and the nation of registry for the new ship.

The Royal Princess recently left her berth at Fincantieri Shipyards in Monfalcone, Italy; she is currently sailing across the Mediterranean Sea en-route towards Southampton, England. Once the Royal Princess arrives in Southampton on June 11th, she will be christened by her godmother – Kate Middleton.


Featured photo: Princess Cruises. Video: Princess Cruises.



Mike Faust

Mike Faust is an avid world traveler, often found traversing city streets in Asia and Europe rather than his home city of Boca Raton. Mike has touched down in 39 countries, set sail on 35 cruises, and flown over 400,000 lifetime miles.