Raising of Costa Concordia Commences & Live Video Link

Around approximately 6:00 am local time on the island of Giglio,  the final steps to remove the Costa Concordia from the shallow shores of the Italian island commenced.

Over two years following the sinking of the Costa Concordia, the ship is finally ready to be raised from the shore of Giglio and begin the journey to a scrapyard in Genoa, Italy. The operation, which began in the early hours of Monday, July 17th, is expected to continue for at least another week. Once the ship is completely raised to her normal sailing position, the ship will be rigged with tow lines and slowly towed to Genoa, where the ship will be scrapped.

The operation to completely remove the Costa Concordia has been underway for over a year, making it one of the largest and costliest salvage operations in maritime history.

The operation can be viewed live on the Giglio News website by clicking here.

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