Princess Reveals Final Reason on “Inspired to Cruise” Blog

Princess Cruises today revealed the final passenger story on its blog, “Inspired to Cruise: A Year of Reasons to Get Away From the Everyday” ( The last post personifies the line’s brand promise to help its passengers “escape completely.”

princessecIn the story “My Yearly Retreat to ‘Escape Completely,'” Patricia Mengel of Brighton, Michigan shares how each day of her cruise she is able to let go a bit more from her busy job as a cardiac medical assistant. Even her patients know about her yearly cruise to let go of work stress and come home feeling refreshed and renewed. 

Throughout 2012, the blog chronicled 52 diverse reasons why passengers are compelled to take a cruise vacation, including a mix of celebrations, accomplishments, family milestones and other deeply personal reasons to cruise. Among the many reasons were romantic stories: to get married, to honeymoon, to pop the question, to renew vows and even to save a marriage. Others conquered fears, quit smoking, chased an eclipse, ran a marathon and made peace with wartime memories. Family also featured prominently as passengers reconnected with parents, visited relatives in far-flung locales and honored those who had passed.

In total, the 52 reasons to cruise featured on the blog are:

1.   To Escape Completely
2.   To Celebrate the Holidays 
3.   To Honeymoon 
4.   To Recover from an Empty Nest 
5.   To Celebrate a 50th Anniversary 
6.   To Celebrate a Legacy of Travel 
7.   To Be With AND Without the Kids 
8.   To Grant a Veteran’s Last Wish 
9.   To Bond with My Birth Family 
10. To Reconnect with My Father 
11. To Save My Marriage 
12. To Connect with Family 
13. To Go to My “Happy Place” 
14. To See Our Foster Child 
15. To Take the Retirement Trip Our Husbands Missed 
16. To Make a Home 
17. To Take My First, Big Adventure 
18. To Pass On the Love of Cruising to the Next Generation 
19. To Scatter My Husband’s Ashes 
20. To Pop the Question 
21. To Run a Marathon 
22. To Recuperate 
23. To Celebrate a Mother/Daughter Birthday 
24. To Be with My Best Friend … Mom 
25. To Please My Girl
26. To See a Total Eclipse of the Sun
27. To Sail the Open Seas Again 
28. To Celebrate with Three Generations 
29. To Relax 
30. To Thank My Family 
31. To Conquer My Fears 
32. To Honor a Family Member 
33. To Renew Our Vows 
34. To Keep a Promise 
35. To Fulfill My Husband’s Bucket List 
36. To Quit Smoking 
37. To See My Wife Smile Again 
38. To Travel the World with a Purpose 
39. To Escape the Ice Storm 
40. To Learn About Family Ancestry 
41. To Revisit Vietnam 
42. To Get Married…by Surprise 
43. To Bridge a Generation Gap 
44. To Revisit Wartime Memories 
45. To Surprise a Loved One 
46. To Cruise on the “Love Boat” 
47. To Visit Family Far Away 
48. To Dance with My Husband
To Get Away with Girlfriends
To Spoil the Grandkids
51. To Take One Last Trip Before the Kids Leave the Nest
52. To Marry Each Other…Twice

In addition, the blog also featured a series of short “Escape Inspiration” videos. These 30-second cruise moments were introduced by a Princess crew member who explained why the scene has meaning for them.

Additional information about Princess Cruises is available through a professional travel agent, by calling 1-800-PRINCESS, or by visiting the company’s website at


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