Princess Blog Chronicles Additional Reasons to Cruise

Princess Cruises’ blog, “Inspired to Cruise: A Year of Reasons to Get Away From the Everyday” has chronicled an additional five reasons to cruise, offering a new selection of romantic and endearing passenger stories about the many motivations for travelers to choose to vacation at sea.

princessecThe most recent stories include tales from cruisers who met at sea and because of that saw a cruise as the perfect place for a honeymoon or a 50th anniversary celebration. Bloggers found cruising the perfect vacation with the kids … and without. And a family enjoyed cruising as a way to keep up their lifetime of traveling.

The blog, found at, illustrates some of the myriad reasons people take cruise vacations. Each week during 2012 the blog explores the celebrations, accomplishments, milestones and other inspired reasons to cruise, each told by a different passenger. This diverse group of contributors – from long-time cruisers to those who set sail for the first time – will share a total of 52 stories.

The latest reasons to cruise are:

Story #50: To Honeymoon – Drew Mason of Alameda, California, shares the story of how he met his future bride when cruising as a college student and how meaningful it was for them to return to the ship for their honeymoon.

Story #49: To Recover From an Empty Nest – Rosalia Mattern of Orange County, California, tells the story of how she and her husband cured their case of empty-nest syndrome by turning their favorite family vacation – a cruise – into a wonderful getaway for two.

Story #48: To Celebrate a 50th Anniversary – Jim Green of Valencia, California, recounts the story of how he met his bride aboard a ship, making a cruise the perfect way to mark their 50th anniversary.

Story #47: To Celebrate a Legacy of Travel – Debbi Bellush of El Cerrito, California, shares the story of her globetrotting parents who traveled throughout their lives. When her father’s health began deteriorating, the family chose a cruise to keep traveling and enjoy more time together.

Story #46: To Be With AND Without the Kids – Tyrone Cassell of Wichita, Kansas, tells how a cruise was a great option when he wanted a vacation where he could spend some time away from his three boys, and still bring them along.

Also featured on the blog are regular “Escape Inspiration” videos. Each 30-second favorite moment at sea is introduced by a Princess crew member who describes why the scene is meaningful to them.


Article and logo courtesy of Princess Cruises. Header photo – Mikey Faust.



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