P&O Cruises Ventura Suffers Serious Damage From Storm

It is now being reported by passengers onboard P&O Cruise’s Ventura, that the ship has been seriously damaged from rough weather in the Bay of Biscay.

The vertical crack between deck 14 and 15. (photo: Kelly Louise)

It is reported that a large crack, about 2 inches wide, has appeared on one of the upper exterior decks. Passengers from the ship are reporting that the crack runs the entire horizontal length of the deck and vertical to the deck below. Windows on the deck below have been shattered from the crack. Passengers are reportedly being sectioned off from this area of the ship while passengers who have private balcony cabins below are being ordered not to use their balconies.

-10/19 6:15am update

A P&O spokesperson has confirmed that “repairs will be made to the aluminium deck on Ventura upon arrival in Southampton today. This has no structural strength or safety implications. Today’s cruise will sail as scheduled.”

10/18 10:10pm update

Passengers who are currently onboard the Ventura have been posting on a P&O discussion board. Here are some of the comments left on the board by passengers…

1) “The crack is about 3 inches wide, the full width of the deck above the Laguna pool. It is also displaced about one inch vertically and horizontally, with the railing glazed panel missing on the open deck, and the glazed pane on the Laguna deck below displaced from its frame also by a couple of inches. Not confirmed, but I am told that people on deck 14 balconies directly below can’t use their balcony either.”

2) “They have now removed the cladding from the underneath and we can see the I beams which support the deck plates all have clean breaks in them. The glazing panel just beneath has suction pads on it just in case. The area around is creaking.
Looks like being a substantial repair to me. ”

3) “I passed the Captain in the corridor to our cabin and asked about it but he was not in good mood and did not stop to chat”

The Ventura is currently approaching Southampton and should be docked within the next hour or two.

At this time, I am awaiting a response from a P&O representative. The Ventura is currently sailing back to her homeport, Southampton. She is expected to arrive early tomorrow morning.

I will keep you updated on this developing story.


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