Passenger Missing From Bahamas Celebration

Earlier this week it was reported that a Canadian women had gone missing when the (I guess you could call it a cruise ship) cruise ship, Bahamas Celebration returned to its home port in West Palm Beach. The “ship” had just returned from a 2 night cruise to Freeport. The night before the ship returned to West Palm Beach her male cabin mate had noticed her missing and searched the ship for her. After he could not find here, he reported her missing to guest services. The “cruise line” says that she did check back on board the ship in Freeport, and couldn’t have left the ship since her passport was still in the “stateroom,” which she would have needed to gain entrance to the Bahamas. The FBI is currently investigating this situation, while the Coast Guard called off the search. The CEO of the “cruise line” said that he hopes she is just hiding somewhere on the ship…..yep, hiding.

We will update this story if anything else develops.


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Mike Faust

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