Passenger Goes Overboard on P&O Aurora

It is reported that a passenger on a Mediterranean cruise went overboard from P&O’s Aurora earlier yesterday.

The Aurora was en route from Oporto, Portugal to Barcelona, Spain when the woman was reported missing. As soon as the ship’s crew were alerted, they ordered an immediate search of the area for the as-yet unnamed woman.

Another guest on the Aurora explained, “The captain made an announcement over the loudspeaker at 8:10am this morning and asked everyone to help keep a lookout. There have been planes and a helicopter circling overhead and the lifeboats are out. The helicopter has gone back to Lisbon now to refuel. We can see other cruise ships and cargo ships all helping with the search.

There have been unconfirmed reports that a body has been recovered, but as I said, it is unconfirmed.

P&O’s care team is currently providing support to the passenger’s family.

From onboard account, it seems that the Aurora’s passengers are shocked that this has happened, and rightfully so. With cruise ships carrying millions of people every year, it always sad when we learn that 1 passenger has gone overboard. Obviously, the statistics are heavily in favor of your safety, but it is still always a shock and saddening when we learn that a passenger has gone overboard.


Header image: Wikipedia



Mike Faust

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