Oasis of the Seas Sister Ordered By Blue Star Line

It was announced this morning that Blue Star Line, the cruise line that will sail the Titanic II, will also order a clone of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas from STX Europe.

In his press conference this morning, Clive Palmer, the chairman and CEO of Blue Star Line, explained his reasoning behind ordering an Oasis clone. Palmer said, “We have recently come to realize that while the idea of Titanic II is beloved world wide, we might be better off in revenue if we order a ship that caters to the modern cruiser.” For right now, it seems that the Titanic II will continue to be explored as an option for construction, but he later described it as “a sinking project.”

Dinosaur Lido

Dinosaur Lido

Palmer also released some renderings and amenities of what would be offered onboard his new Oasis clone. The entire Lido deck of the ship will be themed around Jurassic Park with large animatronic dinosaurs lining the open deck space. It was recently reported that Palmer ordered hundreds of animatronic dinosaurs from a Chinese company for his golf resort, but he seems to have abandoned that idea (in typical Palmer fashion) for his new dinosaur cruise ship. Still similar to Titanic II, the Oasis clone will not have any exterior pools, but one, small pool located aft on deck 1.

Palmer expects to begin construction on the Oasis clone tomorrow and hopes that she will be sailing the seven seas by next week. A reporter from The New Jersey Times asked him at the end of his press conference, “So does this mark the end of the Titanic II?” Palmer replied, “You know what, I’ve changed my mind, I will continue to build the Titanic II! Who needs large, innovate cruise ships when you can sleep in segregated classes, have no access to TV or internet, and share bathroom facilities!”


Header photo: Mike Faust. Side photo: STX Europe and Blue Star Line

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