Health Care Worker Who Handled Sample Of First US Ebola Patient Quarantined Aboard Carnival Ship

A unidentified female health care worker, who may have come in contact with samples from the first US Ebola patient, is currently being quarantined aboard Carnival’s Carnival Magic.

It has been reported that the health care worker aboard the Carnival Magic may have handled samples from Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient in the US to contact Ebola, while working at Texas Health Presbyterian. Duncan passed away last week from the deadly disease. The health care worker reportedly “self-quarantined” herself to her cabin and notified the ship’s medical staff of her concerns. According to the ship’s medical team, no symptoms of Ebola have been observed from the guest in quarantine.

The unidentified woman reportedly embarked aboard the Carnival Magic this past Sunday for a seven night western Caribbean cruise. The itinerary was scheduled to call in Cozumel, Belize, and Roatan, but the Belizean government barred the ship from disembarking guests following concerns of guests bringing the disease into Belize. Despite the Belizean government’s concerns, the CDC has stated the passenger has not contracted the deadly disease and has a very low risk of doing so.

The unidentified health care worker boarded the Carnival Magic this past Sunday, prior to the CDC issuing monitoring requirements to those involved in the case of Thomas Eric Duncan. Upon notification of the situation aboard the Carnival Magic, Carnival Cruise Line’s contacted the CDC and has instructed the ship’s medical staff to continue monitoring the passenger and follow procedure from the CDC. Carnival and the United States State Department are currently working to return the passenger to the United States to continue monitoring and to increase care.

The Carnival Magic is scheduled to return to Galveston, Texas on Sunday, October 19th. At this time, Carnival has not made any changes to the next sailing’s schedule.

As new information become available, this article will be updated.



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