Norwegian Star Slightly Damages USS Intrepid Museum

English: Norwegian Star in Seattle

Earlier this morning, the Norwegian Star was performing a docking manuever when its side thrusters accidentally created a wave which damaged a small part of the submarine Growler at the US  Intrepid Museum in New York City.

The Intrepid Museum posted earlier on their Facebook page,

Happy to report that Intrepid was NOT hit by a cruise ship this morning – as some reports are saying. Here’s the scoop: the initial finding is that a cruise ship thrusting its engines as it attempted to turn into its berth north of the Intrepid pier generated a strong wave that caused the retired submarine Growler to move. There were no injuries. A gangway to the Growler was damaged. The Intrepid was not affected.

Initial rumors today were that the Star had collided with the Intrepid itself, but this had turned out to be false.

At this point it seems that strong currents were to blame for today’s accident. A similar accident, where the Star actually collided with the dock, happened just a few months earlier. It seems that this dock in New York can be a tricky and somewhat dangerous area to  manuever a large cruise ship.

Header image: Mikey Faust



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