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Approximately 60 Crew Members Infected With Measles Aboard Costa Pacifica

Italian news sources are reporting an outbreak of the measles virus aboard Costa Cruise’s Costa Pacifica, likely infecting approximately 50 – 60 crew members. According to Costa Cruises, the infected crew members were disembarked...

Costa Pacifica Aids Syrian Refugees At Sea

As the Syrian civil war continues, citizens continue to flee their homeland in makeshift boats. For the second time this month, a cruise ship has been called in to aid in rescuing refugees from...

Costa Pacifica’s Hull Damaged in Marseille

While docking in Marseille yesterday, the Costa Pacifica came in contact with a buoy structure that formed a gash around 26 feet long just above the waterline. Luckily, no one was injured when the collision occurred, but it did keep...