New Developments in George Allen Smith Case (maybe)


I learned through Cruise Law News today that Dateline NBC will be running an hour special tonight starting at 10:00 that may lead to new details about the George Allen Smith case. George Allen Smith was on his honeymoon cruise with his wife, Jennifer Hagel, when he disappeared sometime during the night while sailing on Royal Caribbeans’ Brilliance of the Seas in 2005. Besides a cabin torn apart and a large blood stain on the lifeboat overhang, there was really not any other physical evidence that could prove he was murdered. Testimonies were taken from a few passengers and some of the last people to be seen with him. The FBI has still not closed the case, and they can’t seem to put the blame on anyone. In my opinion I think Jennifer Hagel killed him, which really has been the generally excepted conclusion. Anyway, I am looking forward to watching this episode later tonight, and hopefully it will reveal new information that may finally bring closure to the Smith family, and maybe jail time to Jennifer Hagel. I will post another blog tomorrow recapping the episode to let you know what new information may be revealed. If you want a more detailed story on the George Allen Smith case you can visit my friend James Walker of Cruise Law News HERE. Have a great night everyone!




Mike Faust

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