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Hey everybody! I hope your day is sailing smoothly so far. Today, I want to introduce you to our newest blog contributor, Tori. Tori will be doing a few guest blog posts reviewing some cruises for us. So please give Tori a warm welcome as she introduces herself. Have a great day everyone! -Mikey 

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Allure of the Seas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hi, my name is Tori. I am in the 7th grade. I’ve been cruising since I was just four years of age. My mom has cruised for many years and my dad worked at sea during college and has been a cruiser for over five years now.

I have been on about 15 cruises. I usually cruise during summer time. I usually cruise in the Caribbean, I have also cruised in Alaska and Asia. I have been on Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise lines. I have been on the Navigator, Enchantment, Allure, Grandeur, Voyager… etc.  I’ve cruised once with mom and cousins when dad could not go and once alone with dad when mom could not go.

I enjoy cruising a lot because the ship is always extremely fun to be on. I don’t enjoy cruising when my parents make me go on port tours. I like cruising because I enjoy being at sea as much as possible. As one captain said, if I could get away with it, we would spend the entire week at sea. My dream cruise is a Cunard North Atlantic crossing since I will have plenty of sea time.

My favorite ship is The Voyager of the Seas. My favorite cruise has been the Asia cruise I went on. My favorite port of call was

English: Voyager of the Seas in Toulon (France)

Voyager of the Seas in Toulon (France) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Singapore, it was the departure port, but we spent the night before the cruise there. My favorite ship activity is probably enjoying the ship, there is actually no activity that is my favorite.

I really like cruising out of Galveston because it’s close to home and we can take as much stuff as we want in our luggage because we don’t have to fly.  I can get up late in the morning and get to the ship in time for lunch when we sail and am back home early in the day when we return.  I still like cruising from other ports because I love being on a cruise ship.

I don’t like port tours, because they are boring. I like doing things that are fun, not going around a port and learning facts and seeing stuff. I enjoy being on the cruise ship, because it is fun and you can do thing like: going to the kids’ club, eat pizza, swim… and all sorts of stuff.  I also like meeting new friends on the ship so I can participate in Trivia games and have someone around my age to watch 3D movies with.

Cruising is fun, but it is only what you make of it.

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