Ocean Star Pacific Crew – Mistreated & In an Unbelievable Situation

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Ocean Star Pacific (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following message has been received from a supposed crew member onboard the Mexican cruise ship, Ocean Star Pacific…

ocean star pacific mexican ship unbelievable situation

the situation of the crew working on passenger ship OCEAN STAR PACIFIC in MAZATLAN,SINALOA is not normal and under human rights.

The Ocean Star Pacific is the only ship of the Mexican cruise line, Ocean Star Cruises. The Ocean Star Pacific is the former “Nordic Prince” of Royal Caribbean.

UPDATE 8/1/12 11:20am: Second officer Spyridon Diakoumakoss has now reported that Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian and Indonesian deck and engine crew and officers are living “like prisoners” in unsanitary conditions and subsisting on expired food with no help in sight. The ship is currently docked in Mazatlan, Mexico.

UPDATE 7/31/12 11:45pm: According to Cruise Law News, crew members aboard the ship are claiming that their pay is currently being withheld and they are being mistreated by the cruise line. The crew members claim that they haven’t been paid in 2 months, their air conditioning is turned off due to a lack of fuel, they are forced to eat expired food, their chlorination systems are not properly working, and they have unsanitary living conditions.

For many “one ship cruise lines” this practice of mistreating crew seems to be very common and is usually attached to the imminent failure/bankruptcy of a cruise line.

I will keep you updated as more information becomes available, please stay tuned to MCB.

Source: CNN iReport

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