My Favorite Cruise Desserts

I was recently thinking back to some of my past cruises and I realized that there is always one thing I look forward to on a cruise…dessert! Cruise ships (in my opinion) serve the best food I have ever tasted, and that is definitely true when it comes to dessert. So, lets start this delicious blog with my personal favorite, Grand Marnier Souffle.

Grand Marnier Souffle

I recently discovered this delicious dish on my most recent cruise on board the Carnival Freedom. It was on the last night of the cruise and of course, I wanted to try something different. I did not know what it even was, but I was sure happy that I ordered it once I took my first bite. The Grand Marnier Souffle is like a small vanilla cake in your own personal bowl that is filled with a warm, vanilla pudding and topped with warm vanilla sauce. This dessert is definitely for anyone who loves anything vanilla, because it is basically a vanilla bomb! You might be thinking that if everything in this dish is vanilla, then it won’t taste very good since there are no other flavors, but trust me, this dish will blow you away. This is my favorite dessert I have ever had on any cruise.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie seems to be on every cruise at least once, in fact you will most likely have Key Lime Pie on the menu on the day you call in Key West! Key Lime Pie can either be a hit or a miss for some people, it just depends on whether you like the taste of lime. Anyway, I love pie, so I had to try Key Lime Pie and it is now my favorite pie! Key Lime Pie has a crunchy, gram cracker crust and a filling that tastes like a tart, but at the same time, sweet lime. Some of the pies even come with a delicious and fluffy cream topping. Key Lime is a delicious, tarty dessert that goes perfectly with a Caribbean cruise.


Chocolate Melting Cake

Well, you are only going to find this on one cruise line, Carnival. If you do, then obviously they stole the idea from Carnival as it has been their signature dessert for years now. This is the ultimate chocolate lovers cake. It is almost like a large brownie in a bowl that is filled with hot melted chocolate, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. This is served every night on Carnival and unless you have a thing for very rich chocolate, you may only be eating it once during the cruise! This is truly a chocolate dessert as it is made of chocolate and filled with chocolate. It is really one of Carnival’s best desserts and after tasting it once, you will surely want another, but be careful because this melting cake won’t help you melt any weight off.

So after hearing about my favorite cruise desserts, why not share some of your own favorites in  the comment section below!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


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