Mikey’s Cruise Blog: Embarking On A New Adventure

Over the past year and a half, Mikey’s Cruise Blog has experienced a tremendous amount of growth. I have met many amazing people, and have reported on both exciting and saddening cruise new stories. Now, obviously things change over time. That is exactly what has happened to Mikey’s Cruise Blog. When I started my website, my focus was to blog about the cruising lifestyle. Over time, I began to report on cruise news. Now this is not what I intended to do when I began blogging, but I grew into this form of writing. So as my type of writing has changed, the image and mission statement of Mikey’s Cruise Blog has not. This became a problem, because people thought of Mikey’s Cruise Blog as a blog, and not what I was becoming, a cruise news website. Now it’s time to change my image. It is time to put a new coat of paint onto the blog’s hull and move forward at 20 knots.

Over the next month, Mikey’s Cruise Blog will undergo a huge transformation. By this time next year, Mikey’s Cruise Blog will no longer in exist in name. Instead, on January 1 2013, Mikey’s Cruise Blog will officially become Cruise Currents, a website dedicated to reporting cruise news and reviewing cruise ships. Yes, that means everything will change including our website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and email. Don’t worry, I have it all covered, you really don’t have to do much. All of our past posts will stay intact, so you don’t have to worry about losing your favorite article. As these changes occur, I will keep you updated on what is occurring and what you may have to help me with. But, to give you a brief idea of when these changes will occur, I have put together a timeline of our major changes.

December 8, 2012

The name Mikey’s Cruise Blog will be replaced on our website with Cruise Currents.

December 15, 2012

I will replace the names on our social media outlets with Cruise Currents. (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) I will also be switching over to a new email system.

December 23, 2012

The new website at cruisecurrents.com will go live. Mikeyscruiseblog.com will redirect you to the new website.

January 1, 2013

The last steps will have been taken to remove the name Mikey’s Cruise Blog from our website and social media outlets. At this point, the transformation will be complete.
Cruise Currents will be dedicated to bringing you the most current cruise industry news, hence our name Cruise Currents. While reporting on news, I will also be reviewing more cruise ships to keep you better informed on the experience that the cruise lines have to offer. As the transformation progresses forward, I will post more information on our social media outlets as well as the Cruise Currents page in the navigation menu above.

I so grateful where Mikey’s Cruise Blog and my readers have brought me, but I have outgrown the image of a blog. I feel and hope that you agree that by taking on a new image, this website can become a leading cruise resource and news website in the hopefully near future. I am very excited to take this next step, and I am so grateful to my blog readers that have followed me and will continue to follow me into this new chapter of Mikey’s Cruise Blog.


What you can do now:

  • Unfortunately, we will have to create a new Facebook page, which can be liked by CLICKING HERE. I will continue to update our current Facebook page until December 15th, at which time I will switch over to posting only on the new page. So please don’t forget to like our new page by CLICKING HERE!
  • Check out cruisecurrents.com and our awesome countdown clock! Don’t forget to bookmark Cruise Currents as well.



Mike Faust

Mike Faust is an avid world traveler, often found traversing city streets in Asia and Europe rather than his home city of Boca Raton. Mike has touched down in 39 countries, set sail on 35 cruises, and flown over 400,000 lifetime miles.