#MikeyOnMariner – Day 7, The Last Day

Ice Under the Big Top

Sorry for the delay on this post, but here it is!

I woke up around 7:00am on Friday to get a very early start to my last day on board Mariner of the Seas. After eating a quick breakfast in the Windjammer Cafe, which consisted of strawberry french toast and some bacon, I made my way back down to our stateroom where I had to get ready for my interview with Chris, the Guest Service Manager on board. Around 10:00am I made my way down to the Royal Promenade to meet up with Chris and I had the chance to talk with him for about 45 minutes about his job on board Mariner and what it’s like working on the ship. (I will post this interview on Tuesday)

After my meeting with Chris I decided to do as much as possible to make sure I ended this cruise right, so I walked up to my stateroom to put my laptop away, which I had used for my interview with Chris, and as I walked in my phone rang. I picked it up and Chris told me that he had added a spot for me on the galley tour that started in 3 minutes. He told me if I wanted to go I needed to get to the dining room immediately. I don’t think I have ever ran down 6 sets of stairs faster in my life. Anyway, the galley tour was amazing. It was so cool to see where and how they prepare all of our food. I will upload all of my photos of the galley and a blog about the galley tour this week, so keep any eye out for it.

Galley Tour

The rest of my day I walked around the ship taking pictures of almost everything. Around 3:00pm I went to the ice show, Ice Under the Big Top, which was amazing. It was basically an acrobatic circus on ice. I took a few videos that I will upload to YouTube a little later. I then later played another round of mini-golf, climbed the rock climbing wall, and then sat on my balcony for about an hour just watching the waves go by. It was definitely the most relaxing day of my cruise.

I don’t really remember much about dinner since at that point I started to slip into post cruise depression, but I can remember that it was the best meal of that entire cruise. I believe it may have been salmon or some other fish. Anyway, after dinner I decided to take a swim one last time, and since Royal Caribbean keeps their pools open 24/7, I was able to swim around 11:00pm.

I went to bed around 1:00am that night because I knew as soon as I went to sleep, my cruise would be over. At 5:30am the next morning, it was.

Last evening on Mariner.

Thank you all for following my daily blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, and emails of my Mariner of the Seas cruise. This cruise was definitely my best one ver and I was glad that I was able to share it with you. Please pay attention to my blog, Twitter, Facebook page, and YouTube channel over the next week, as I will be posting photos, videos, and other stories from my cruise. I have already started to upload photos onto our Facebook page, so check them out!

Thank you Royal Caribbean, Captain Flemming Nielsen, Chris Laidlaw, Mirko Taraba, Charles our amazing room steward, Lucas and Leonardo our fantastic waiters, Carly the cruise director, and everybody else on Mariner of the Seas for my best cruise ever! I cannot wait to answer the shellphone again very soon!



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