#MikeyOnMariner – Day 3 – Ajaccio, France

Good evening everyone! It is currently 10:30pm here on board Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas and we are currently sailing at 20 knots en route to Barcelona, Spain. We will be docking at 9:00am tomorrow morning. Anyway, enough about tomorrow, that’s for tomorrows blog. Today we were in the beautiful island city of Ajaccio, France which is on the island of Corsica. We docked early this morning at 7:00am and after a quick breakfast in the Windjammer Cafe we were off the ship by 9:00am.

The port area was very well laid out and with a quick 10 minute walk we were at Saint Francois beach on the west side of the island. This beach was beautiful! Soft white sand, crystal blue water, and even palm trees. When I first saw the itinerary for my cruise, I wasn’t really expecting sandy white beaches and Caribbean blue water, but it’s there! The city almost resembled a little Monte Carlo or even Key West. Overall, after a nice and sunny day at the beach in Ajaccio, I would give this port a 5 star rating.

Tonight was formal night so far me that wearing pants instead of cargo shorts. I’m not huge on dressing up so I really don’t take formal night very serious. Tonight was also French night in the dining room so my appetizer tonight was escargot, my main entrée was the shrimp pasta and for dessert cherry cake. The escargot and shrimp pasta was delicious, but I sadly cannot say the same about the cherry cake. I feel like cherries and cake should not be allowed to be combined into one food.

Even later tonight I decided to do a quick round of mini golf on Mariner Dunes. After a quick game I scored a 30, which is 7 under par. Later in the week I will be uploading the video of my round onto MCB’s YouTube channel.

So that’s it for me today, it was a very  nice and relaxed day on board, but tomorrow is going to be a busy one as we are in Barcelona for almost 10 hours and with so much to see, I am going to need that time.

One last thing, earlier today I posted a very brief photo blog HERE. I will make sure to post a full photo blog later this week.

Have a great night everyone!






The ship from Ajaccio



Mike Faust

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