#MikeyOnMariner – Day 2 – Genoa, Italy

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Mariner of the Seas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good evening everyone! It is currently 11:08pm here on board the beautiful Mariner of the Seas as we sail towards our next port of call Ajaccio, Corsica, France. We spent the earlier part of our day in Genoa, Italy which is famous for its….well I’m not really sure what its famous for, but it is a beautiful little city. Today we were also in port with the MSC Fantasia, which is just a little smaller than Mariner of the Seas.

Not much really happened on board today. I walked around the ship for a bit , ate dinner, and went to the first show, Centerstage. To say the least…the show was interesting. Needless to say I’ve seen better, but from what I’ve heard, the shows will get better as we go on further into the cruise. Dinner tonight was pretty good. For starters I had strawberry bisque and a shrimp cocktail. My main entrée was a small lamb’s leg. Finally for dessert I had the sponge cake with strawberries. So far the food has been pretty good on board with my favorite dining venue so far being the Boardwalk Dog House up on Deck 12. It’s somewhat similar to Guy’s Burger Joint on Carnival, but just with hot dogs not hamburgers.

So all in all, this cruise has been very good so far. I am very impressed with Royal Caribbean so far. I will say that I do prefer the style and design of the ship much more than other cruise lines I have cruised. Even the balcony is huge! It’s definitely the largest one I have ever had attached to my stateroom.

I am having a lot of trouble uploading photos, so I will try again tomorrow. If it doesn’t work, then make sure you check back on Saturday when I should have a full photo blog up.

Have a great night everyone!





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