Luxury Cruise Ship Rescues Stranded “Around The World Sailor”

Earlier today off of the coast of Tasmania, a 62 year old sailor was rescued by Orion Expeditions’ Orion after being stranded at sea for about 3 days. When the Orion received word of the sailor from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, the ship immediately set course for the sailor’s location.

According to Cruise Critic and, Alain Delord was attempting to sail around the world on his yacht, alone and unassisted, when large swells and rough seas caused the vessel to sink. Delord was forced to abandon his yacht and moved into an inflatable life raft.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority was unable to initiate a rescue operation, but instead arranged for an emergency supplies drop. The supplies dropped included food, water, communications equipment and a safety suit. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority stayed in regular contact with him leading up to the rescue.

Once the Orion had arrived on the scene, he was quickly rescued and brought aboard the ship. Once aboard, he received food and medical attention. It is believed that Delord is being transferred to a hospital in Hobart, Tasmania.

Alain Delord has been at sea since October of 2012 and was reportedly following the route of the Vendee Globe round-the-world ocean race.


Photo: Wild Earth Travel



Mike Faust

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