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Copyright Information

All articles, color schemes, content, logos, media, names, text, and video, are the intellectual and legal property of Mike Faust, the Editor and founder of Cruise Currents. All aforementioned material are protected by copyright and trademark law. All press releases and images provided by cruise lines or other travel industry agencies/companies are property of their respective companies, but voluntarily provided to/permission given to Mike Faust for use in articles. Any inappropriate and/or unauthorized use, including but not limited to the reprinting, reposting, re-distribution, or any form of re-posting any material on this website is strictly prohibited, unless authorization is specifically given by Mike Faust.

Images & Videos

All images and video found on Cruise Currents are either the copyrighted property of Mike Faust or their respective companies. For any photo or video without a copyright notice made public on the respective article, refer to the following sentences: Any photo or video copyrighted by Mike Faust may be published on this website with our without a formal copyright notice. Any photo or video not copyrighted by Mike Faust is published on this website with the authorization and permission (whether verbally, by text, or contract) by the respective company. A formal copyright notice may or may not be published for photos and videos of separate companies or parties. Any photo or video found on this website, regardless of copyright holder, may not be taken, copied, downloaded, or re-published without the permission of the website owner, Mike Faust.


Any published or shared documents on Cruise Currents may not be copied, downloaded, republished, or extracted in any manner without the written consent of Cruise Current’s owner, Mike Faust. This applies to any document with permissions granted to Cruise Currents for publication.


The website owner, Mike Faust, reserves the right to ban or remove any user/visitor who fails to adhere to the policy, rules, or guidelines set forth by the website user, Mike Faust. Any user may be banned by email, IP address, or other public information.

Comment Section Policy

By submitting a comment to this website, you acknowledge that your comment is subject to edit, deletion, or removal at discretion by the authors of this website. Any commenter may be banned from commenting at the discretion of the authors of this website. Any comment that is deemed to be harassing, abusing, or taunting another commenter or article authors, may be subject to edit or deletion. Similarly, any comment that advertises a third party company may be subject to edit or deletion by the authors of this website.

If you feel that your comment has been unfairly edited or deleted, or that you have been unfairly banned, please contact us using the form below.