Impressive Medical Evacuation Performed by HAL’s Maasdam

Earlier tonight, Holland America Line’s Maasdam declared two medical emergencies and began making her way back to Port Everglades in South Florida.

Ambulance lights reflect off of Maasdam's hull in Port Everglades.

Ambulance lights reflect off of Maasdam’s hull in Port Everglades.

As the Maasdam got closer to land, her crew revealed that they would require two ambulances upon arrival as there were now two medical emergencies. The Maasdam continued to sail towards port at a very high speed. Upon arrival in the jetty of Port Everglades, the ship’s crew and dockside crew were ready to quickly dock the ship and evacuate the guests in need.

The Maasdam’s crew quickly brought her dockside, threw out a 2 and 1 rope configuration, pulled out the gangway, and brought the two guests ashore. Both families also disembarked with all luggage in tow. Within 10 minutes of docking, the dockside crew had her ropes back on deck and the crew was already pushing away from the dock. Within 15 minutes of arriving in port, the Maasdam was already back out to sea. This is by far the most efficient and impressive medical evacuation I have ever seen ona  cruise ship. Kudos to the Maasdam crew and her dockside colleagues for helping two people get to safety. Please pray for those who were evacuated tonight and their families.

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