Holland America Line’s Volendam Rescues 76 From Sinking Tour Boat

English: MS Volendam in Juneau, AK, USA

MS Volendam in Juneau, AK, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, the Holland America Line ship, Volendam, responded to an emergency call from the Baranof Wind, a nearby sinking sightseeing boat.

Around 11am local time, the local Coast Guard station received an emergency call from the Baranof Wind. The sightseeing boat had apparently collided with rocks just inside Glacier Bay and it was quickly taking on water. The Coast Guard then dispatched a cutter and helicopter to the scene as well alerting other ships in the area, such as the Volendam. The Volendam was one of the first to arrive on scene and her crew began to transfer passengers from the sinking boat to the Volendam. Most of the 76 passengers were taken aboard the Volendam. Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured.

Four of the Baranof Wind’s crew members remained aboard the sightseeing boat and worked with Coast Guard personnel to pump water out of the vessel and keep it from sinking, the Coast Guard said. The boat was stabilized after the accident, and there were no immediate signs of spills or other pollution, Coast Guard Petty Officer David Mosley said.

Holland America Line

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The Coast Guard would like to thank the crew of the Volendam, the National Parks Service personnel, and the other Good Samaritans for taking immediate action to aid the passengers and crew of the Baranof Wind,” Coast Guard official Scott Giard says in a statement. “Their quick assistance ensured everyone was quickly accounted for and transferred to safety.”

The United States Coast Guard is currently investigating the sinking, but in the meantime the owner of the Baranof Wind has been reported as seeking ways to tow the ship to a repair facility.

Good work Holland America Line.

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