Fred Olsen’s Boudicca Hit By Norovirus

On Sunday, Fred Olsen’s Boudicca returned to the port of Greenock, Scotland with around 170 passengers on board who had contracted Norovirus.

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When the ship arrived in Greenock, the ship was greeted by ambulances waiting to take sick passengers to local hospitals and a crew 348 crew, ready to clean the ship.

Passengers told reporters later that half of the ships facilities had been shut down due to the fear of the Norovirus infecting more passengers.

Fred Olsen released a statement saying,

“During this cruise, the highest number of guests needing to be kept in isolation at any one time was 35, out of a total number of people on board of 1,176.

“The total number of cases reported during the 13-night cruise was 170.

“At Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, the health, safety and well-being of our guests and crew on board remains our priority at all times, and we believe that our systems for preventing the spread of illness on board our ships are amongst the best within the industry.

“Fred Olsen Cruise Lines’ ships meet, at all times, the highest safety, hygiene and health standards, and comply fully with the strict requirements and inspections of their Flag State and relevant authorities.”

The Boudicca later left late on its next cruise due to the extensive cleaning the ship underwent.

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