Fog Along Texas Coast Delays Princess & Carnival Ships

3:00 pm Update: The Caribbean Princess departed the Port of Houston approximately at 1:30 pm. The Carnival Magic has begun its entrance into the Port of Galveston. The Carnival Magic will begin embarking guests at 5:30 pm and will sail from the port at approximately 8:30 pm.

Earlier: Heavy fog along the Texas coast has closed the ports of Houston and Galveston, delaying Princess and Carnival cruise ships from departing and arriving.

Princess Cruises’s Caribbean Princess, which returned to port one day early to avoid the forecasted fog, has been delayed since yesterday from departing Houston. The Caribbean Princess has been held, due to the closure of the Port of Houston to all traffic. At the current time, the ship has no scheduled departure time.  Currently, no update on any impact to the Caribbean Princess’ current sailing is known. Cruise Currents has reached out to Princess Cruise for an update on the ship’s departure status.

The Port of Galveston has also been closed, forcing the Carnival Magic to remain at sea until the heavy fog has lifted from the port. Carnival has advised guests embarking today to delay their arrival at the Port of Galveston. At the current moment, Carnival is awaiting more information to announce a revised departure time for today’s sailing.

The National Weather Service has issued a Dense Fog Advisory for the Galveston and Houston coastal areas, warning heavy fog will be persistent through the early afternoon, resulting in visibility of less than one fourth of a mile in some areas. Heavy fog has consistently caused delays for cruise ships along the Texas coast in the past.



Mike Faust

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