Fire Team Dispatched on Sapphire Princess

Sapphire Princess at Station Pier, Port Melbou...

Sapphire Princess (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have just received a text message from a close friend of Mikey’s Cruise Blog that the fire team has been dispatched to the galley on deck 2 of Princess Cruise’s Sapphire Princess.

Here is the text from David Brooks of Brooks Cruise Services

Call for the Fire Team to go to the Galley in 2 decks….never a good thing to hear…

At least on the bow camera, I can see the mountains dead ahead…worst case we are close to land.

David Brooks

The Sapphire Princess is currently at sea sailing towards Yakutat Bay, Alaska. I will keep you updated as this story develops overnight.

7/9/12 – 10:45am Update: It has now been confirmed that the fire team was called to the galley after a small fire in the galley. There was a small “food fire” that was quickly contained and presented no danger to crew or guests on board. The only damage was to the toast that was burnt.

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Sources: David Brooks (Brooks Cruise Services) & Allan Teruel (Embark)



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