Fire Team Dispatched on Carnival Breeze

Earlier this morning around 8:00am, passengers on board Carnival Cruise Line’s newest ship Carnival Breeze were awoken by announcements dispatching the fire team (Team Alpha) to deck 0, forward.

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Smoke was reported pouring out of deck 0 into the rest of the ship, so the fire doors were quickly shut to prevent the smoke from spreading. When the fire team arrived on the scene they reported that a minor part of an electrical system was smoking, and was quickly extinguished. As of right now there are conflicting reports of whether there was actually a fire. Although as the old saying goes, “where there is smoke, there is fire.”

John Heald addressed the issue in a humorous way earlier today,

It is a beautiful day here at sea. Blue skies, calm seas spoiled only by a burning smell on deck 0 ( crew deck ) forward that had alarms sounding, alpha team calls ( fire investigation) and my fat arse running up 6 flights of stairs to the bridge. All is well, there was an electrical fan belt which had produced the smell and there was no fire or smoke but a strong burning smell on the crew deck forward. So, 10 minutes later I let the guests know what had happened as I insist on always letting them know and especially as we had paged the fire teams over the PA system. Anyway, the ship is continuing on her way to Dubrovnik at full speed with all systems as normal, the guests are calm and having fun, the smell of smoke has dissapissatated ( spelt correctly,) and I now have to dispose of one ruined pair of Carnival Splendor flashback underpants.

At this point, there is no explanation for what may have caused the small “fire/smoke event.”

At least there is a happy ending to what could have been a deadly situation if not for the quick response by Team Alpha, Captain Vincenzo Alcaras, and the crew of the Carnival Breeze.

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