Dave on Allure of the Seas – Day 2 – Nassau

Originally written on August 6th.

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Parliament of the Bahamas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 2: Nassau, Bahamas

Today, I got to experience my first port of call onboard the Allure of the Seas: Nassau, Bahamas. It was really beautiful to wake up to a view of a clear blue ocean and Atlantis sitting on a fresh green body of land. Before I got off the ship to walk around Nassau, I put on shorts and a tee-shirt and went for a quick 2 mile jog on the track (yes Mike, I still am planning on exercising everyday;P.) Then, I had a huge buffet breakfast at the Windjammer Café and headed down to the gangway to get off the ship.

With the smell of saltwater in the air, I walked down the pier to transfer through customs to get into the city. Once I walked through the doors out onto the tight, sunlit streets, I was bombarded with sailors and taxi drivers trying to sell themselves and their services to me. One guy called me his Bahamian brother, then tried to sell my dad some cigars out of the back of his trunk.

View from Sandals, Nassau Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas (Photo credit: heather0714)

After getting past all of the craziness of getting through customs, I actually started to enjoy Nassau. It was quaint, simple (I’m a fan of simplicity), and a nice place to experience. I didn’t really buy anything, but I enjoyed being able to experience some of the culture of the Bahamas and see the lifestyles of the people inhabiting it.

Once I returned to the ship, I went to the pool for about 2 hours and downed 2 strawberry smoothies like there was no tomorrow. Seriously, they were that good! Three o’clock soon rolled around and my grandma and I started to make our way down to the Entertainment Deck (where the casino, theatre, and comedy club is located.) Yesterday, we noticed a sign that said there would be a Bingo Competition today in Amber Theatre and so we played four rounds of INTENSE bingo. Of course, we were playing for cash prizes and we both had digital bingo trackers that simultaneously tracked 30 bingo cards at once. We were so excited because we kept having one number to go until bingo, this is where I gave into my third smoothie, but we won nothing.

Oasis of the Seas Aqua Theater

Aqua Theater (Photo credit: steamboatsorg)

I then ate dinner at the Mexican restaurant onboard the ship and the food was pretty good. Then, I headed over to the AquaTheater where I had tickets to see the 9 o’clock showing of Oceania. I have to admit it, it wasn’t my cup of tea. It was a lot of acrobatic stunts and moves and I just don’t like watching that stuff. However, there were many comedic punches throughout the show and cool dives which made the show a bit easier to get through.
I then headed back to my room where I enjoyed some chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate for dessert. Overall, it was a great second day onboard the Allure of the Seas and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store as I am on the sea for the whole day. Tune in tomorrow for another blog post! 🙂

Header image: Bahamas Tourism Board



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