Cunard Cruisers Don’t Agree With New Dress Code

As you may have seen earlier this week, Cunard recently updated their dress code to make their atmosphere a bit more relaxed. This update will now allow only for 3 formal nights a cruise instead of having a “formal night” every night.

According to Cunard, the new dress code will allow for “two or three formal nights each week, there will be four or five “informal” evenings where jackets are required but ties will now become optional.” So basically, Cunard has a policy that is very similar to most mainstream lines. The problem: Cunard sells themselves as not one of the mainstream lines. So, in order to find out the general public’s reaction, I took a poll here on Cruise Currents and asked readers on our Facebook page to speak up. Here is what they said:

cunard poll

Cruise Currents Reader Poll

The readers of Cruise Currents seem to be in favor of Cunard retaining their original dress code policy. Even though they only have a slight lead over the alternate option, it seems the majority of polled readers like the traditional style of Cunard dress code.


Cruise Currents Facebook Readers

Even from a sample of the comments we received on Facebook, it is pretty plain to see that our readers still support the traditional Cunard dress code. I have redacted our reader’s last name out of respect for their privacy.

All in all, it seems that Cunard cruisers are not ready or willing to change their dress code. It is understandable, Cunard is a high-end cruise line, so shouldn’t the product and onboard experience remain high-end?


Header photo: Cunard.



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