Cunard Accidentally Leaks 1,200 Passengers’ Information

Earlier today, Cunard was forced to shut down their entire reservation system after a technical glitch accidentally sent over 1,200 emails containing passengers’ personal information to other passengers’ who were registered with Cunard.

Cunard Line

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Many Cunard passengers reported that they received an email from Cunard with a spreadsheet attached to the email. It is reported that the spreadsheets contained lists of passengers’ names with their addresses, email addresses, reservation numbers, and passport numbers. However, Cunard is fighting back to hard to convince the affected passengers that their personal information is safe.

Peter Shanks, President & Managing Director of Cunard, said earlier today,

“ We had a mistake, a system issue, at the end of last week on Friday where we inadvertently and by mistake sent out an email which – didn’t contain any personal details – but had the email addresses of some customers on a number voyages. We recognised that within about 90 minutes and within two hours we sent a corrected email to all of our customers affected, we immediately shut down all of our systems and since then we’ve rebooked all those passengers with new details and we have accommodated and spoken to all of them and our systems are now up and running.”

Cunard continues to deny that any “sensitive” passenger information was sent out in the emails, but many people who received these emails still claim that with the information that was sent out, they were able to access this “sensitive” information.

Cunard has now reopened their reservation system, assigned new reservation numbers to guests, and re-booked them on their correct voyages with the new information.

Were you affected by this leak today? Did you feel like Cunard had a swift and appropriate response to the situation? Let me know below in the comment section.

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