Cruise Sponsored Tour Bus Crashes in St. Martin

The bus involved (Cruise Critic)

Earlier last week, a tour bus carrying 36 passengers from Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas plunged off the side of a road into a ditch on the Caribbean island of St. Martin after a traffic accident.

The passengers on board the bus were just leaving Loterie Farm, a treetop ropes course and zipline adventure, when the bus driver made an evasive manuever to avoid an oncoming taxi when the bus driver lost control of the bus, sending the bus flying off the road and down into a ditch. As the bus rolled down the road with what some of the cruisers are describing as “faulty breaks,” the bus collided with a taxi head on, flipping it over. The bus finally came to a rest at the bottom of hill where the road was.

Out of the 36 passengers on board, only 6, who were from the USA, were seriously injured. These passengers were later transported to Louis Constant Fleming Hospital for treatment. The worst injury reported was only a broken wrist. The other 30 passengers only reported minor injuries such as scratches and bruises.

according to a Royal Caribbean spokesperson,

All the injured “were immediately transported to the local Louis Constant Fleming Hospital for treatment.” Guest care team members and a ship doctor remained with the passengers during their stay at the hospital and returned with all of the guests to the ship later that day. The guest care team and onboard medical team also continued to provide onboard treatment for passengers, including counseling, for those who asked for it.

All passengers returned to the ship and continued there 7 day eastern Caribbean, which eventually ended in Port Canaveral yesterday.

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