Crown Princess Rescues Syrian Refugees

Earlier this week, the Crown Princess rescued around 100 refugees from Syria, who were attempting to flee their home country and cross the Mediterranean Sea in a small boat.

The Syrian refugees had apparently gone adrift in their boat off the coast of Sicily when they were spotted by the Italian Coast Guard. The Crown Princess was sailing nearby at the time, en route to Corfu, when the Italian Coast Guard asked the ship for its assistance in rescuing the refugees.

Once the Crown Princess arrived on scene, the rescue operation commenced. 94 men, 20 women, and 44 children were brought aboard the Crown Princess, where they each received food, water, and a medical examination. One of the refugees was discovered to be pregnant and received medical care from the ship’s doctor before a helicopter was brought in to evacuate her from the ship. She was soon taken to a hospital in Catania, where she later gave birth. The remaining refugees were transferred onto Italian naval ships, where they were later transferred to Syracuse, Italy.

Video of the rescue operation can be seen below, courtesy of The Local Europe AB.



Mike Faust

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