Crew Member Goes Overboard, Rescued

On Saturday night, a crew member from the Carnival Magic fell over board as the Magic was sailing back towards Galveston, Texas. The US Coast Guard was called to the scene, but by the time they had arrived, the man was already rescued from the water by crew members on one of the rescue craft. The man had apparently been working on one of the deck’s and slipped over the railing. He was in the water for less than 45 minutes. The Coast Guard has confirmed that the man is OK and stable.

6:05PM UPDATE: In a statement from Carnival Cruise Lines, they claim that the crew member “was witnessed jumping overboard,” and was found in the water so quickly because he was wearing a life jacket with the strobe light activated.

Great job to Carnival and the Magic’s crew for a quick and amazing rescue!

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Mike Faust

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