Costa Launches New Safety Measures on Ships & Captains

Costa Concordia on January 13th, the night of the capsizing. (Christian Science Monitor)

Today Costa Cruises announced new safety features for their fleet of ships which include real-time ship tracking for all of their ships and limiting the powers of the captain’s of their ships.

These new safety features come in response to the January 13th capsizing of the Costa Concordia which capsized off the coast of Giligo, Italy after the ship hit rocks when Captain Schetinno deviated off course to give the tiny island a salute. This new safety feature will allow trained professionals to monitor the entire Costa fleet in real-time, to watch for any suspicious activity or ships deviating from their original route and would allow management to make an appropriate response to a certain situation. This will ensure that no Costa ship is deviating from a planned route without first notifying Costa Cruises.

Along with the new tracking system, Costa is also taking some powers away from the captain’s of their ships. Due to the messy handling of the Costa Concordia incident by Captain Schetinno, the captain will no longer have the final say in a situation. Instead, Costa is setting up a system where the captain and other high-ranking officers must decide on certain situations together. This would basically take more power away from the captain and distribute it to other officers on board the ships. This will greatly increase the chance of a safe decision being made, since the final word would no loner lie in one person’s hands.

These new safety measures were released today by Costa, who also launched their newest ship today, the Costa Fascinosa.

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