Costa Concordia To Be Rolled On Monday

Officials from the Parbuckling Project have announced that they are ready to roll the Costa Concordia upright as soon as Monday.

Franco Gabrielli, the National Civil Protection agency chief, announced that the crew’s would attempt to roll the Costa Concordia on Monday. He stressed that while Monday is their target date, the date of rolling will only be known the day before. Gabrielli cites weather and sea conditions as primary factors to deciding if they can attempt to roll the ship. He also claimed that the operation of rolling the ship upright could take up to almost 12 hours.

The rolling stage of the Parbuckling Project.

The rolling stage of the Parbuckling Project.

“This is an operation that has never been attempted before, the undertaking is the first of its kind,” Gabrielli said. “We have not left anything to chance.”

The complicated procedure of rolling the Costa Concordia upright involves many different pieces of equipment. Workers have now placed 56 cables, which are attached to 6 anchor blocks in the seabed, and will help support the Costa Concordia as she is rolled into the sea with the help of several flotation tanks. Once she is rolled into the sea, the Costa Concordia will rest on top of a false bottom, constructed to hold the Costa Concordia upright, while still submerged. The next phase of the project will see additional flotation tanks installed on her starboard side, allowing the ship to float to the surface evenly.

Once the Costa Concordia has been rolled on Monday, recovery operations will resume to locate the final two missing guests.

The Costa Concordia has sat idle on the coast of Giglio Island since January 13, 2012. On the night of the 13th, she began taking on water due to a puncture in her hull. The puncture formed after an avoidable collision occurred with a rock off the coast of Giglio.



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