Costa Concordia To Be Raised In September

The Costa Concordia is currently entering the final weeks of resting along the coast of Giglio. Later next month, the Costa Concordia will be raised from her final resting place.

According to a report from CBS, final preparations for the ship’s raising will be completed this week. In order to raise the Costa Concordia, the salvage companies will install blister tank technology, a device that provides stabilization during the ship’s raising so that the ship doesn’t break apart. 11 other tanks will also be installed to create buoyancy during her raising.

The entire process of raising the ship will take somewhere between 8 to 10 hours. Once the Costa Concordia is raised, she will be towed to an undetermined Italian port for scrapping.

The Costa Concordia has been resting on the shores of Giglio since January 2012, when she was wrecked after colliding with a rock only a few miles off shore. Overall, 32 guests aboard the ship were killed, 2 of which have not been recovered from the wreck. Investigators and salvage companies are hoping to find the 2 remaining bodies during the raising process.

The Costa Concordia’s removal has been underway since April 2012.



Mike Faust

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