Conflicting Reports Of Fire & Power Failure Aboard P&O’s Azura

A number of Cruise Critic members have reported a fire and evacuation aboard P&O’s Azura. The reports were posted on the Critic Critic message boards earlier this week and have so far been unnoticed with the exception of a news report by Cruise Critic.

Reports from board members cite two different alleged incidents, both occurring earlier this week. The first report states a small fire broke out aboard the ship in the early morning of Sunday, prompting an evacuation of the ship while docked in Dominica. A second report cites a “smoldering socket” on an exterior deck as the cause of the fire, which reportedly occurred on Tuesday.

In addition to the reports of a fire during the week, another board member reports the Azura was without power on Sunday morning and drifted for roughly 2 hours while sailing towards St. Vincent. The report suggests the cause of the short power failure was due to a reported fire in a passenger stateroom.

The Azura sailed from Dominica on schedule with no further issues and is currently docked in St. Kitts. No reports have surfaced in regards to any additional fires or power failures.

Cruise Currents has reached out to P&O Cruises and is currently awaiting a statement from the line in regards to the reported incidents.



Mike Faust

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