Concordia Salvage Contracts Awarded


Costa Cruise Lines announced today that the task of removing and towing away the Costa Concordia will go to both Florida based Titan Salvage and Italy-based firm Micoperi.

Costa has announced that both firms will work together to remove the Costa Concordia by re-floating her, and then towing her in one piece to the nearby port of Civitavecchia, Italy. Costa has not yet made public what her future plans are, but Costa spokesman Buck Banks, hinted that the two possibilities are either to scrap her, or repair her and return her to service.  I honestly cannot imagine Costa trying to return her to service. They may try renaming her, but c’mon, were smarter than that. The Concordia has been in the news too long that everybody knows her story, and many wouldn’t dare to step on board her.

Costa will base the operations for the re-floating out of Civitavecchia. The entire process, when started, will take about 1 year.

2 people are still missing somewhere either on board her, or at sea.

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Mike Faust

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