Concordia to be righted and refloated.

Costa Concordia Polski: Statek pasażerski Cost...

Costa Concordia Polski: Statek pasażerski Costa Concordia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can you believe it?! After almost 3 months since the Costa Concordia struck rocks just off the island of Giligo, she will be refloated and towed to Genoa, Italy. Costa announced this plan the other day, but they have not yet revealed which salvaging company will be in charge of removing the Concordia from its 80 degree position along the coast of Giligo. The Concordia will have to be refloated and have her hull patched up before she can be towed to her suspected destination of Genoa.

Costa has not yet revealed what they will do with the Concordia once she has been righted again. Locals also announced the other day that they are planning to create a permanent memorial to remember all those who perished on that fateful night, January 12th, 2012.



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