Combating Post Cruise Depression (PCD)

It’s an affliction suffered by cruisers everywhere. It can quiver even the stiffest upper lip. It can throw your world into a tailspin. It’s Post Cruise Depression.

While not recognized by any legitimate medical authority as a real affliction, almost every cruiser can vouch for its sometimes devastating effects. A cruiser can usually self diagnosis themselves with PCD if they find themselves wandering the house in search of a room steward, requesting Chateaubriand for dinner, or simply refusing to do any housework and laying out a towel on the couch. PCD is a serious affliction and these effects can be devastating to one’s body and spirit. To help cruisers alleviate the pains of PCD, we suggest following these easy tips to help combat the post cruise blues.

Book Another Cruise

This is by the far the easiest way to combat PCD. You’ll find it’s much harder to be saddened on disembarkation morning knowing another embarkation day awaits around the corner. While we here at Cruise Currents are not financial advisors, nor do we recommend sailing yourself into debt, we suggest you always have another cruise booked to combat that terrible waiting period in between sailings. It’s much more comforting to know your next embarkation date rather than wondering when you may cruise again.

As for other ways to combat PCD…there really are none. In all honesty, booking a cruise is the only true way to combat PCD. Let’s be honest, looking through photos of previous sailings, listening to cruise music, reading cruise websites, and reenacting your dinners at home are only going to worsen the effects of PCD. As you try to relive and recreate your sailing, you will only grow weaker and long for the sea more. Photos and videos are the most dangerous causes of escalation, leading you to believe you are somewhere you are not. For your own sake and sanity, we do not recommend the following when experiencing PCD:

  • Looking at or sharing any photos or videos from your sailing.
  • Listening to Jimmy Buffet, The Beach Boys, Styx, or any other artists who have ever produced a song about sailing, cruising, islands, or other nice cruise things.
  • Eating any food that is reminiscent of a cruise. This includes lobster, steaks, crab, shrimp, bacon, Key Lime pie, Alaska that is baked, and all rolls or small pieces of bread in a basket.
  • Looking out any window. You will only be disappointed, trust us.
  • Leaving your house. It can only lead to work and school.

So, now that we’ve established PCD can only be cured by one remedy, let’s get moving on that next sailing, shall we?



Mike Faust

Mike Faust is an avid world traveler, often found traversing city streets in Asia and Europe rather than his home city of Boca Raton. Mike has touched down in 39 countries, set sail on 35 cruises, and flown over 400,000 lifetime miles.