Celebrity Constellation Briefly loses Power In Key West

A journalist from Cruise Fever was onboard the Celebrity Constellation this weekend when the vessel experienced a short power outage. The outage lasted from 7:15am to 8:45am, about 90 minutes in all they estimate.

A spokesperson from Royal Caribbean, the parent company of Celebrity cruises, stated that the ship “experienced a technical issue that caused it to lose partial power for 50 minutes. During this time, the back-up systems came online in order to support all of the ship’s critical systems.”

A passenger onboard noted that the captain made sure to say that the issue was minor and not caused by a fire onboard.

The same ship had a similar issue in December when it was delayed from departing Key West due to engine problems.

She is currently enroute to Cozumel where shes expected to arrive tomorrow. The vessel is on a 5-night cruise out of Fort Lauderdale.