Carnival’s New Loyalty Program Leaked

Earlier this week, Carnival Cruise Line’s new loyalty program was leaked onto the message boards of Cruise Critic.

Carnival Glory at Saint Martin

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The new program, VIFP (Very Important Fun Person,) is set to be officially unveiled on June 11th and it is dramatically different from the previous loyalty program. The new program counts credits as “number of nights cruised” versus the old “number or cruises taken.” This new “counting system” is also currently used by Royal Caribbean in their Crown & Anchor Society. This new system works better to reward its most loyal passengers, instead of people who would take 10, 3 night cruises just to achieve Platinum status. This way, the longer you cruise with Carnival, the more they will reward you. In other words, the more you pay, the more you will earn, which actually seems fair.

The new program has also added new tiers with some rewards added for certain tiers and some tiers have lost rewards. The following diagram is a copy of the program brochure that explains the new tier levels. This was the diagram that was leaked earlier this week.

When Carnival does officially announce the final program on Monday, I will make sure to let you know all of the details of this program. I am excited for this new program, and maybe we will see some changes in the program on Monday. I am currently a Gold level member, so I am excited to receive my Gold level pin the next time I cruise on Carnival!

What do you think of the new program? Let me know in the comment section below.

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