Carnival Spirit Passenger Jumps, Rescued

Yesterday, a passenger on board Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Spirit was rescued after he jumped off of the ship into the Pacific Ocean.

Carnival Spirit departing from Kauai

Carnival Spirit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Carnival Spirit was on its 4th day of a 15 night Hawaiian cruise when someone on board witnessed the man jump from the ship. An alarm was immediately sounded, and the emergency operation went underway. The ship slowed down to about 5 knots, turned around, and lowered a lifeboat to rescue the man. Within minutes the man was recovered from the water and was brought back on board the ship alive.

Carnival released the following statement regarding the incident.

Yesterday, while the Carnival Spirit was en route to Hawaii, a 28-year-old man was witnessed jumping overboard. Search and rescue operations were initiated and the guest was located and brought back on board where he was treated at the ship’s medical center.

Carnival’s CareTeam is providing its support to the guest and his family.

The Carnival Spirit will be back at its home port of San Diego on April 28th. (My birthday :))

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