Carnival Breeze To The Caribbean – Day 7 – At Sea

For my second day at sea out of three, I was woken up early by the gentle swaying of the ship as we sailed through the Caribbean Sea. My waking by the sea was less “violent” as it had been earlier in the cruise. Due to the position of my stateroom, which is very far forward, we had the brunt of impact with the waves. This was not only apparent by the motion, but also by the incredible booming sound against the hull each time a wave hit. While this sounds uncomfortable to some, it was very enjoyable for me and really brought “the sea” into my cruise.

Anyway, our second day at sea was a hot one! The temperature was in the high 80’s and the Lido was packed. Throughout the day, our DJ’s played live deck music and guitarists from both the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar and the Red Frog Rum Bar played live on the deck. Waterworks was in full action as the ship’s kids lined up for either the Twister slide or the Drainpipe. Even Sports Square was busy, but mostly by the adventurous cruisers who were trying their hands (and feet) on the Sky Course.

For me, I continued my quest to try out all of the Breeze’s amenities. Since I had already slid both slides and had conquered the Sky Course, I figured it was time to check out the Thrill Theater. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s Carnival’s very own 4D movie theater. Not only do the seats move with the action, you also will be sprayed by water, pelted with air blasts, and blinded by fog. It’s a full 3D emersion experience into the film you are seeing. I decided to pick Just The Rides, which is exactly like it sounds. It was made up of three films: Bamboo Express, where you ride throughout the jungle on a roller coaster made of bamboo; Logger Adventure, where you take the point of view of a log in a logging mine roller coaster; and Mumble’s Wild Ride, which was an action movie about Mumble’s from Happy Feet attempting to escape a huge sea lion down mountains and through the ocean. As the short films played, our chairs rocked back and forth from the motion of the bamboo roller coaster, we were sprayed with water when our log fell into the water, and we were hit with a blast of air when the sea lion was breathing on us. Overall, the experience was very cool and seemed to be a huge hit with families. The experience does have ticket prices, but I feel that the small entrance fee is well worth it.

Moving on into later in the day, the main highlight of my day at sea: dining in Cucina del Capitano. Cucina is Carnival’s own Italian specialty restaurant. The entire restaurant is a living tribute to Carnival’s past and present captain’s. The walls are covered in photos of ship’s past and their captains, which creates for a historical backdrop to the restaurant. Even the menu is inspired by the fleet’s captains favorite childhood dishes. My dining experience began with a few appetizers, which included delicious and crispy garlic bread and homemade calamari rings served with a sweet marinara sauce. For the main course, I decided on homemade Pollo Parmigiana Della Cucina, which was a large breaded young chicken served with special mozzarella and in a marinara sauce. While I’ve had similar dishes before on land, this particular dish surpassed those by far. The temperature of the pollo was perfect, the chicken was savory and mixed well with the mozzarella and marinara. The meal was finished off by one more delectable dish, cannolis. My dish of cannolis included two, both filled with delicious cream and coated in a dark chocolate outer coating. Overall, the meal was flawless and very filling, as it was meant to be. In addition to the meal, Cucina’s staff was very personable, friendly, and always looking to make sure you have a great dining experience. It is because of the great food and the great service that many guests will have a great experience dining in Cucina – just as I did.

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