Carnival Breeze To The Caribbean – Day 3 – Grand Turk

Finally. I made it to Grand Turk. If you’ve been following me for awhile now, you probably followed me along on my cruise to the eastern Caribbean aboard the Eurodam earlier this year. One of our port of calls was Grand Turk, but we ended up having to scrap the call due to extremely high winds. Now, I’ve finally made it to Grand Turk.

After docking in Grand Turk, I made my way up to the Lido Marketplace to grab a quick breakfast. I decided to eat next to the main pool and enjoy the sights of Grand Turk from the Lido windows. Soon, I had enough of just looking at the island and began to make my way down to the gangway. After a quick security check and the usual port of call disembarkation photo, I was walking along the pier at Grand Turk. I began to gaze around at the beauty of this little island and our massive ship docked alongside it.

I very quickly made my way to the beach and jumped right into the water. While cooler than I was expecting, the water quickly warmed up to tropical levels. It was quite relaxing to be able to just float in the turquoise waters of Grand Turk without a worry in the world – then lighting struck. Soon, Grand Turk was beginning to be covered by huge, dark clouds. As the clouds got closer, the lighting became more noticeable, the thunder became louder, and the rain began to pour. Within a few minutes, the storm was at full throttle and the rain was coming in sideways and hard. Everybody fled the beach and began to take cover in the various buildings in the Grand Turk Cruise Center. Realizing that the rain wouldn’t be stopping soon, I began to walk through the cruise center back towards the ship. I didn’t run like so many others, because I accepted the fact that I was already soaked and would continue to get wet walking towards the ship. Plus, the tropical rain felt very nice!

Anyway, as I walked back towards the ship, I suddenly realized that I would have to walk through the Dufry shop situated at the end of the pier. In Grand Turk and many other ports, a Dufry shop is built at the end of the pier, forcing cruise guests to walk through the shop in order to enter the port. Obviously, no one likes being forced through shops and having aggressive salespeople attempt to sell you items, so the cruise guests kind of served “payback” to the Dufry shop. Since the shop was the only way to access the ship and everybody was soaking wet, a stampede of wet cruise guests ended up flooding the Dufry shop. I kind of thought it was Dufry’s own fault, since they positioned their store where they did.

Once back aboard the ship, I decided to head to lunch. Instead of having yet another delicious and health risking Guy’s Burger, I decided to go for the healthier option: the Mongolian Wok. Basically, you build your own dish of vegetables, which is then mixed into a large stir fry pot of your choice of beef, chicken, or salmon with your choice of sauce. The wait for the dish was a bit long, but it was totally worth it in the end. The Mongolian Wok has been one of my favorite lunch options aboard Carnival for some time now and will continue to be a personal favorite of mine.

The night ended with a hilarious performance by one of the ship’s comedians, Thomas Brown. Like I said in an earlier post from the Zuiderdam, it’s hard to understand a comedian and his routine unless you are there. Regardless, Thomas had a hilarious act that kept the Limelight Lounge laughing continuously. It was truly a great and happy way to end the night.

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